Manhole Covers

What Are Manhole Covers?

Manhole covers also known as drain covers are a necessary part of many streets, sidewalks, and roadways. It is a removable plate forming the lid over the opening of a manhole, an opening large enough for a person to pass through that is used as an access to underground utility. It is designed to prevent anyone or anything from falling in, and to keep out unauthorized persons and material.

These covers keep debris and storm water from falling into the manholes below. The removable manhole cover frame comes in various shapes and designs. Round manhole cover is the most popular choice which is often seen near traffic signals and street lights. Because the circular cover of manhole is designed for easy installation. Top manhole covers manufacturer India can offer wide range of cast iron manhole frames.

Types of Manhole Covers Made By Manhole Covers Manufacturer 

There are mainly three different types of manhole covers offered by the best suppliers in India which are as follows ‐

1. Cast Iron Manhole Cover

Cast iron and ductile iron manhole covers are made from a type of premium cast iron that is strong, or capable of being drawn out into a wire. These are the best quality of iron cover which has a solid top. Ductile Manhole covers are comparatively very expensive and also prone to theft because of good resale value of Iron.

Cast Iron Manhole Cover

2. FRP Manhole Covers

FRP Manhole Covers are made using thermoset material. The material comprises of polyesters combined with Fibreglass reinforced materials to sustain against wear-n-tear for heavy load vehicular traffic. These manhole covers Kolkata  are cheaper than iron manhole cover offered by manhole covers manufacturers. Being India's largest selling manhole cover, they are very expensive as compared to Precast Concrete Manhole Covers.

FRP Manhole Covers

3. Precast Concrete Manhole Cover

Precast Concrete Manhole Covers are most famous type of manhole cover frame sold by top manufacturers and exporters. These manhole frame are made of Concrete with suitable reinforcement, the process of manufacturing has been laid down in BIS code IS: 12592 (2002).

Compared to Cast Iron & FRP manhole covers this product range of Manhole Covers have comparatively provide better strength & are also cheaper. Make sure to buy premium quality manhole cover from trusted manhole cover manufacturers like Om Concrete Products PVT LTD who maintains international standards involved in providing a high-quality material. 

There are various types precast concrete manhole covers & frames available in Indian market like -

Precast Concrete Manhole Cover

Features Of Manhole Cover Made By Manhole Covers Manufacturer 

  • Manhole Covers is a plug that prevent unauthorized access to manhole.
  • Manhole Covers are used perform inspection, cleaning, and removal of any obstruction present in the sewage line
  • They are often round but can be rectangular, or square manhole cover that you can customise as per your requirement.
  • They come with a smooth finish and can withstand heavy pressure.
  • Manhole covers have a high compressive strength which makes them highly durable.
  • They can withstand all types of weather conditions and rusting processes.

Benefits of Manhole Covers Made By Manhole Covers Manufacturer 

  • They can prevent rainwater from flooding the street below and allow for drainage.
  • Manhole covers are cheap and easy to install while offering a secure barrier.
  • Manhole covers protect a specific location or group of pipes, valves, or fittings from unauthorized access.
  • Manhole covers help keep sewers clean by keeping out small objects that can clog the sewer pipes.
  • They also reduce the chance of animals using the sewers as a place to build dens.
  • Manhole covers also make it easier for workers to install manholes without having to worry about accidentally digging into a pipe.
Manhole Covers
Manhole Covers
Manhole Covers
Manhole Covers

Manhole Cover

Manhole Covers

We manufacture different types of manhole covers including - RCC Manhole Covers and Frames, RCPC Manhole Covers and Frames, SFRC Manhole Covers and Frames and PFRC Manhole Covers and Frames. We offer high-quality products that comply with latest specification as per IS 12592 bureau of India Standards (BIS)

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