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The Role And Diversity Of Manhole Covers

Manhole covers may appear to be nothing more than lids on the ground, but they serve an important role in our cities. These metal circles act like secret doors, covering openings to underground places where workers need to reach things like sewers, pipes, or utility lines.

They help to keep people safe by preventing accidents and stopping objects from falling in. What's interesting is that manhole covers come in all sorts of shapes and designs. Choosing the correct manhole cover involves more than just utility; it also includes durability, load-bearing capacity, and following the industry standards.

It becomes necessary to explore the wide range of possibilities accessible, from different materials and designs to varying load ratings. So, while choosing manhole covers, consider what will work best for your construction projects while keeping things secure underground.

Best SFRC Manhole Cover
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Advantages Of SFRC Manhole Cover With Frame 

The main advantage of SFRC drain cover is the reduction of shrinkage and cracking. The right fiber-reinforced concrete can also provide impact resistance, increase tensile strength and reduce voids in the concrete. Here are the main advantages of fiber reinforced concrete:

  • Prevents maximum corrosion.
  • Minimizes the cavitation damage
  • Reduces cracking and shrinkage

Know The Different SFRC Manhole Cover Kolkata Dimensions

Manhole covers are available in a variety of sizes to meet various purposes, and SFRC (Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete) manhole covers are no exception. These coverings are designed to fit many applications, and some common sizes include:


300mm x 300mm: Ideal for pedestrian and moderate traffic areas.

450mm x 450mm: Commonly used in parking lots, sidewalks, and service lanes with moderate traffic.

600mm x 600mm: Suitable for heavy traffic on roads and in industrial areas.

750mm × 750mm: Suitable for heavy-duty use in ports, airports, and other high-traffic areas.


560mm diameter: Commonly used for telecommunications and utility access points.

600mm diameter: A popular choice for general access coverings in streets and public areas.

450mm diameter: Ideal for smaller access points such as drainage systems.


450mm x 500mm: Ideal for narrow ditches and limited areas.

450mm x 600mm: Provides greater access for maintenance in moderate traffic areas.

600mm x 900mm: Provides enough access to larger utilities in industrial environments.

800mm x 900mm: Perfect for heavy-duty access in severe industrial and construction environments.

These SFRC manhole cover sizes are standard options; however, if a project has particular requirements, custom-sized manhole covers can be made.

Explore Our SFRC Cover And Frame Price List

Explore our SFRC heavy duty cover price to find the perfect fit for your needs. At Om Concrete Products, quality meets affordability at every turn.

Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete For Construction


Material - Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Shape - Round

Usage - Construction

Size - Available in Various Sizes

Color – Black

Load Capacity - Ranges from 1 ton to 35 ton

Production Ability – 100 Per Day

SFRC Cover Price – Rs. 2,400

sfrc cover specification

Black Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Manhole Covers

Material - Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Shape - Round

Usage - Construction

Size - Available in Various Sizes

Color – Black

Weight - 100 kgs

SFRC Cover Rate– Rs. 1,500

sfrc cover specification
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Upgrade Urban Spaces with Our SFRC Covers Kolkata

Transform infrastructure reliability with top SFRC Manhole Cover Manufacturer in Kolkata. Elevate safety and durability in every step of urban planning.

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Installation Procedure Of SFRC Manhole Cover Kolkata

Installation Procedure of Manhole Cover

Position The Cover

Using the lifting equipment, carefully manoeuvre the SFRC cover into a central position over the opening. Ensure that it is level and aligned with any existing covers.

Installation Procedure of Manhole Cover

Prepare The Bedding

Make a stable and level bed the cover it with the bedding material. The bedding thickness will vary depending on the load rating of the cover and the conditions at the location.

Installation Procedure of Manhole Cover

Apply Mortar

Spread a layer of mortar mix around the opening to form a base for the cover to sit on. The mortar thickness should be between 25 and 50mm.

Installation Procedure of Manhole Cover

Lower The Cover

Slowly place the SFRC cover on the prepared bed and mortar base. Ensure that it sits evenly and has a proper touch with the surrounding surface.

Installation Procedure of Manhole Cover

Level And Adjust

Use a level to ensure that the cover is properly aligned, and modify its position as needed. You can use wedges or additional mortar to achieve a level placement.

Installation Procedure of Manhole Cover

Fill And Tamp

Add more mortar mix to the gaps around the cover's edge and compact it thoroughly. Tamp the mortar down hard to remove air pockets and establish a sturdy base.

Installation Procedure of Manhole Cover

Smooth And Finish

Apply a final layer of mortar around the cover's edge to get a nice and even finish.

Installation Procedure of Manhole Cover

Material Hardening

Allow the mortar to dry entirely according to the installation guidelines.

SFRC Manhole Covers Kolkata
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Importance of SFRC Manhole Covers Kolkata in Urban Planning

The SFRC cover full form is Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete. Manhole frame like this play an important role in Kolkata's urban planning landscape. Unlike conventional materials, concrete SFRC manhole covers offers unparalleled durability and load-bearing capabilities which is crucial for a city with high traffic density. These covers are corrosion and wear resistant which ensures longevity and reduces maintenance expenses. Moreover, their eco-friendly composition aligns with sustainable urban development goals.

By using SFRC manhole cover and frame, the city not only improves its infrastructure but also contributes to a cleaner, greener future. The use of this modern technology signifies a forward-looking approach to urban planning. Make sure to buy SFRC cover from the top manhole cover manufacturers to get a premium quality product.

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SFRC Manhole Cover Load Capacity Insights for Construction

Light Duty (LD-2.5)

Load capacity: Up to 2.5 tons. It is suitable for pedestrian areas, parks, footpaths, and other non-vehicular zones.

Medium Duty (MD-10)

Load capacity: Up to 10 tons. It is suitable for car parking zones, service lanes, residential areas, and light vehicular traffic zones.

Heavy Duty (HD-20)

Load capacity: up to 20 tons. It is suitable for main roads, highways, commercial districts, bus terminals, and parking lots.

Extra Heavy Duty (EHD-35)

Load capacity: 35 tons or more. It is suitable for industrial areas, port areas, factory godowns, and other high-traffic zones.

Best SFRC Manhole Cover
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Strength Of SFRC Manhole Cover Vs RCC Manhole Covers

In adding Steel fiber to SFRC concrete manhole covers, the goal is not to add strength, but to prevent cracking from drying shrinkage or plastic shrinkage. While Steel fibers added to concrete can give the concrete better impact resistance and tensile strength, they don’t necessarily make the concrete stronger with respect to flexural strength. Steel fibers can increase flexural strength to some extent, but other fibers generally will not — and they may even weaken your concrete slightly.

SFRC Manhole covers comes with various Load capacity, Being the leading SFRC cover manufacturers, we manufacture all types of load bearing SFRC chamber cover as per IS: 12592

  • Extra Heavy Duty SFRC Manhole Covers : 35 MT
  • Heavy Duty SFRC Manhole Covers: 20 MT
  • Medium Duty SFRC Manhole Covers: 10 MT
  • Light Duty SFRC Manhole Covers: 2.5 MT
Best SFRC Manhole Cover
ImagesSFRC Grating Manhole Cover

What Is SFRC Grating Manhole Cover?

SFRC Grating Manhole Cover is manufactured from high-quality stainless steel and galvanized steel so that it can withstand the elements. This manhole cover is an ideal solution for your sewer drains because it is placed over the manhole, which allows you to drive over it without any problems. This SFRC chamber cover is designed to protect the manholes from being damaged by falls of material. When a manhole needs to be opened, the grate is raised and a ladder is placed under it so that people can enter or exit the manhole through its opening.

ImagesSFRC Flooring

What Is SFRC Flooring?

SFRC flooring is a type of floor that uses discontinuous discrete steel fibres to create an extremely durable material. Properly designed SFRC floors can reduce cracks in plain concrete. A perfectly designed SFRC slab can support heavy loads in factories and pavements.

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Cost-effectiveness of SFRC Manhole Covers Kolkata

Buying SFRC manhole covers from leading suppliers in Kolkata like Om Concrete Products is like making a smart money decision. While the initial investment may be slightly higher comparing to the traditional materials, the durability and lifetime of SFRC covers much justify the cost difference. These tough and circular manhole cover are resistant to wear, corrosion, and environmental elements, decreasing the need for frequent replacements or repairs. Furthermore, its long lifespan results in a much lower maintenance price which makes SFRC manhole covers an extremely cost-effective solution for urban planners in Kolkata.

SFRC Manhole Cover Manufacturer In Kolkata
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We Are The Top SFRC Manhole Cover Manufacturer In Kolkata

We are proud to be the leading supplier of SFRC (Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete) Manhole Cover Manufacturer in Kolkata, West Bengal. Our SFRC manhole cover are meticulously manufactured with cutting-edge technology and excel in strength, durability, and reliability. We adhere to the highest quality standards, ensuring that our SFRC manhole covers exceed industry benchmarks.

Om Concrete Products has been delivering high-quality concrete products, including durable drain covers, to various regions across India, such as Mumbai, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Gurugram, Faridabad, and Pune. We have a team of talented and qualified people who provide solutions that redefine urban planning. We only offer quality manhole covers at the best price.

Choose us for excellent quality, flawless service, and the peace of mind that you are investing in the best SFRC manhole cover with frame for construction.

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Need Quality SFRC Manhole Covers?

Seeking Superior Quality? Why Not Opt for the Premier SFRC Manhole Cover Manufacturer in Kolkata? Elevate urban infrastructure with our top-tier SFRC Manhole Covers, proudly crafted in Kolkata for lasting reliability.

FAQs Related To SFRC Manhole Cover Kolkata

What is the meaning of SFRC cover?

SFRC cover stands for Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete cover, which is a type of manhole cover made with a stronger and more durable material.

Where can I find best SFRC Manhole Cover in Kolkata?

You can find SFRC slab made of best quality material at site of Om concrete products who are the best sfrc manhole cover suppliers in Kolkata.

What are some related categories to SFRC manhole cover in Kolkata?

Some related option to SFRC concrete manhole covers are iron manhole cover, RCPC manhole cover, FRP Manhole cover, cast iron manhole covers, plastic manhole cover, steel manhole cover, and recessed manhole cover.

What is the SFRC manhole covers price in Kolkata?

SFRC cover price can range between INR 500 to INR 4510 or above.