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Om Concrete Products is a prominent Kerb stone Manufacturer in Kolkata. We started this company in 2008 to offer the best quality kerb stone design and kerb channel to our clients. All our kerb stone types are made using quality raw materials that are used at a large scale in the construction industry. We perform various tests on all our kerb stones to maintain industry standards.

We are the best kerb stone manufacturers in the market when it comes to quality products at reasonable prices.

Kerb stones are an integral part of the streetscape and being able to produce them cheaply and in large quantities is what sets us apart from the competition. We have over two decades of experience in supplying quality finished products of superior quality. At Om Concrete Products, we take care of the kerb stone texture by providing it with a smooth finish. We are famous kerb stone suppliers in Kolkata, known for offering high-quality material, maintaining timely delivery and industry standards.


What is Kerb stone?

Kerb stone is a type of paving stone. It's composed of angular rock fragments, with sharp edges and a smooth, even finish. Kerb stone can be used for landscaping or for creating walkways in your garden or home. Kerb stones are used extensively across the globe. You can find kerb stone in road as well as buildings. It provides a visually appealing surface throughout a building.

Uses of Kerb Stone

A concrete kerb stone is an important addition to a road, footpath, and cycleway. Its main purpose is to neatly create separation and visual delineation of walkways and other trafficked areas. Due to their ease of manufacture and architecture, the precast concrete kerbs, channels, edgings, quadrants, and gutter aprons have gained popularity in our country. In earlier years, natural stone was used as kerbs stone but nowadays this has largely been replaced with precast concrete.

Kerb Stone Types Used In Roads

As an element of roads and highways, kerbs (kerbstone, crib-stane (Scots), or sometimes curbs (US)) serve many purposes.

Benefits of Concrete Kerb Stones

  • Kerb stone defines the limits of the carriageway.
  • Kerb stones reduce pavement damage from vehicles and nature.
  • Kerb stones also support the road structure by directing rainwater toward drains
  • It creates a barrier between vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Kerb stones offer a physical 'check' to prevent vehicles from leaving the carriageway.
  • It also allows surface water on roads to drain away by creating a channel.
  • Concrete edging are available in all various shapes and sizes. There are a many options for buyers to choose from.
  • Kerbs can be painted in various colors, and can be done so before or after installation.
  • Concrete Kerbstone are highly durable and long lasting products.
  • RCC kerb stones needs little or no maintenance at all. If erosion and crack do happen, concrete needs only to be patched up only.

Kerb Stone Laying Process

Kerb stone laying is a process that requires laying kerb stones on a concrete bed of at least 100 mm thickness in such a way that they are joined with the pavement. The back of the kerbing should be hunched with concrete to a thickness of at least 150 mm to provide lateral support. Kerb stones can be tapped down to the correct level.

  • The kerb stone dimensions at the top should be 100 mm above the road surface. With the pavement, the kerb is laid on a concrete bed of at least 100 mm thickness.
  • At least 150 mm to provide lateral support for the kerbing should be provided. To the concrete level, kerbs can be tapped.
  • The longitudinal drainage system of this type of kerb is beneficial and the kerb stone height is 70 to 80 mm.

We at Om Concrete Products manufacture & supply kerbstone of various shapes & sizes as below

- Rounded Top Kerb Stone

A rounded top kerb stone is a type of kerb stone that has a rounded top. The shape of the top gives the stone a unique look and makes it easier to maintain because it is more difficult for moss to grow on it.

- Tapered Top Kerb Stone

Tapered top Kerb stones are used in a variety of ways, and may be found at the edge of a pavement, or just inside the pavement line. They are often used for aesthetic purposes, but they can also be used to provide pedestrian access to pavements.

- Double Taper Kerb Stones

Double Taper Kerb stones are a type of kerbs used in road construction. This kerb stone size is available in various designs and styles. These kerbs have the advantage that they can be installed on steep slopes, and they can also be easily removed when necessary. Our Kerbstones are available in various sizes as below, we also custom make kerb stone size as per client requirements.


1. What are kerb stones used for?

Kerb stones are used to create a boundary between the pavement and the road. They are usually rectangular blocks of stone with a raised edge on one side.

2. What are the different types of kerbs?

There are four different types of kerbs which include - Low or mountable kerbs, Semi-barrier type kerbs , Barrier type kerbs, and Submerged kerbs.

3. What are kerb stones made of?

Kerb stones are typically made of granite or concrete.

4. What are the different types of kerb stones supplied by manufacturers?

Different types of kerb stones supplied by kerb stone manufacturers are Concrete Kerb Stone, Granite Kerb stone, and Silver Kerb stone.

5. Do they provide all the variants of kerb stones in the required shape and size?

Yes, most kerb stone suppliers in Kolkata offer a large variety of kerb stones in custom sizes and shapes as per their clients needs.

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