RCPC cover full form is Reinforced Cement Polymer Concrete. Precast concrete manhole covers and frames or RCC Manhole Covers or RCPC Manhole Cover which are found to satisfy the general requirements & have proved to be good substitute to cast iron manhole covers and frames, Cast iron manhole covers and frames are prone to pilferage and misuse due to its high resale value. As such, use of such RCC Manhole Covers or RCPC Manhole covers and frames is increasing day-by-day. RCPC Manhole Cover Kolkata is the most successful type of manhole covers & frames.

RCPC Manhole Covers & Frames are provided with suitable mild steel rims to prevent damaging of edges and provided with easily lifting hooks duly protected against corrosion. RCPC Manhole covers and frames are lighter than cast iron manhole covers & frames and hence easy to handle. RCPC Manhole Covers come in various shapes and sizes like Round RCC Manhole Covers, Square RCC Manhole Covers ,Rectangular RCC Manhole Cover & Frames.

RCPC Manhole covers comes with various Load capacity, Being the top manhole cover manufacturers, we manufacture all types of load bearing SFRC Manhole covers as per IS: 12592

  • Extra Heavy Duty RCC Manhole Covers : 35 MT
  • Heavy Duty RCC Manhole Covers: 20 MT
  • Medium Duty RCC Manhole Covers: 10 MT
  • Light Duty RCC Manhole Covers: 2.5 MT

Although we have designed all our RCC Manhole covers & frames as prescribed in IS:12592, however, we also customized them as per clients request & requirement

ImagesRCPC manhole cover and frame

What is a RCPC manhole cover and frame?

RCPC manhole drain cover is a type of cover designed to prevent the backflow of sewage and water from manholes. This type of cover is made using high grade materials. It is designed to be durable and long-lasting, providing reliable protection against backflow. Furthermore, the cover is attached to the manhole frame using steel bolts and nuts, making it extremely watertight.

ImagesRCPC Concrete Manhole Covers

Advantages Of RCPC Concrete Manhole Covers

  • They are able to withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, without any degradation in quality.
  • The main advantages of using RCPC drain covers are that they are resistant to rust, corrosion, and other types of damage.
  • RCPC manhole drain cover is designed to be easy to install and remove.