A Complete Guide: How To Choose The Right Manhole Drain Cover

Looking for types of manholes for covering unsafe drains? Well, choosing the right manhole cover size is the first thing you should look for clear opening. We will guide you on how to choose the right manhole drain cover in this blog. Read on.

18 Oct, 2023
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Importance Of How To Choose The Right Manhole Drain Cover?

If you are thinking of why choosing a drainage cover or manhole cover is important. Then let us clarify, manhole covers have different working importance. The utility of a manhole cover does not only safeguard you from falling or slipping issues. But also, helps animals from not falling into the sewer pits.

As the best manhole covers manufacturer and drain covers manufacture, we have the best range of manhole covers that can take maximum weight load. So, if you are searching for ways how to choose the right manhole drain cover. Look out for the geographical climate, location, and weight load of the area where you want to install the manhole cover.

Let us take you through the factors that you must consider before getting a manhole drain cover. Read the blog with us.

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Things To Consider For How To Choose The Right Manhole Drain Cover

SFRC manhole cover for pedestrians and driveways are really important as they serve as top covers for banned access to the manholes. Thus, ensuring safety from severe accidents and water clogging. Here, we have mentioned a few of the things that you must consider before getting the right manhole drain cover.

1) Placement Location Of Drain Manhole Cover

The location of an area plays an important role in determining the type of manhole cover you will need for the selected area. If you are planning to install a manhole drain cover on the footpath or driveways. Then, you must look for a steel manhole or cast iron manhole.

Whereas, if you are planning to install a manhole cover for commercial zones, parks, or other less-loaded areas, then a polypropylene or ductile cover would do the work.

2) Capacity To Withstand Weight

The major thing that you must be looking for in how to choose the right manhole drain cover, is the load withstanding capacity of the covers. Ensure selecting a proper weight-bearing drain cover so that it does not get damaged over time due to excessive load.

We have cast iron manhole covers, FRP manhole covers, and concrete and ductile iron manhole covers. Each specialized to bear different weight loads.

3) Material Of Manhole Covers

At Om Concrete Products, we use various types of materials in shaping our manhole drain cover for different load capacities. Our precast concrete manhole is the best option for you if you are looking for an ultimate solution. It has stronger resistance than FRP and cast iron drain covers. Apart from that, it is also cheaper if compared to other recessed manhole covers.

Thus, this pocket-friendly solution provides you with durability and safety at the same time.

4) Choose The Right Size And Shape

You must chalk out the appropriate shape and size of the sewer drain or manhole to get the right shape and size manhole cover. See, whether your manhole is round or rectangular. Get the right size of the manhole cover to seal the open sewer passage.

We have rectangular, square, and round manhole covers for heavy-duty load-bearing. Whereas, if you are looking for something more durable then our circular extra heavy-duty manhole cover is the best for you.

5) Slip Protection Features

As the best manhole manufacturers in town, we would suggest you go for slip-resistant manhole covers. This will ensure proper safety from accidents and unfortunate incidents. Our range of manhole covers is great for all types of weather. Thus, you get ultimate safety from accidents like slipping issues.

6) Corrosion Resistant

In how to choose the right manhole drain cover, you must pay attention to the anti-corrosion factors of a manhole before getting one. Accumulation of water and excessive humidity might damage the durability of manhole covers in driveways, pathways, and parking lots over time. Thus, look for manhole-covering products that are resistant to rust and do not deteriorate over time.

This will save you money as you do not have to buy manhole covers at every interval.

7) Decide Your Budget

Decide on your spending limit beforehand to get the best manhole cover for your purpose. If you are running low on your budget but want a sturdy manhole drain cover. Then, our FRP manhole cover is the right option for you.

8) Proper Installation And Easy Maintenance

Proper installation of manhole solid top covers is a must in domestic driveways. Choosing a removable manhole cover will help you clean the sewer drain easily without any help. However, you must seal the manhole cover and frame to the surface for best safety.

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Manhole covers come with various benefits. This is why you must consider these above factors while thinking about how to choose the right manhole drain cover. Our range of manhole covers is best for pedestrian areas that endure heavy weight.

You can also check out our manhole types and benefits on our website of Om Concrete Products.

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