Conquering The Concrete World With Top Drain Covers For Heavy Traffic Areas

Choosing the right drain covers for heavy traffic areas is important in the urban infrastructure. As the city is bustling with industrial activities, the weight of heavy machines and vehicles is a constant reality that cannot be changed. So, being one of the top drain covers manufacturer, we can say that it is essential to provide a high-traffic solution in the cities. Thus, here in this blog, we will discuss the best manhole covers suitable for heavy traffic areas. 

05 Jun, 2024
Drain Covers for Heavy Traffic Areas: What You Need to Know: Blog Poster

Imagine, a bustling city street, streaming with the constant movements of vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Now, picture a heavy truck carrying raw materials passing through a weak infrastructural point - a low-quality manhole cover. Which cannot bear heavy weight neither can support heavy vehicles. 

So, what can be the consequences? 🤔

It can be something devastating, leading to drainage system damage, road hazards, accidents, and costly replacements. But, there are various manhole covers like cast iron, SFRC manhole cover, and cable trench cover. That can ensure ultimate safety by providing enhanced weight-bearing capacities. 

As the best manhole covers manufacturer, we guarantee that these drain covers for heavy traffic areas are engineered with durability, longevity, and strength. 💪

Manhole drainage cover for urban infrastructure pic

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Careful Considerations For Choosing Various Types Of Manhole Covers

While, we have extra heavy duty drain covers for heavy traffic areas, you must pay attention to a few things before getting the best one to withstand heavy loads. They are -

1. Load Capacity Of The Manhole Cover

Determine the kind of traffic an area experiences before getting the best drain or manhole cover for that place. Start by understanding the expected traffic congestion of that place and choose the right one. 

You can opt for our MHCF-EHD-01, Extra Heavy Duty -EHD35 cover for 235 Kgs if you want better reinforcement. These drain covers can be used on highways, streets, and runways. But, if you want something for the pedestrian walkway then you can choose MHCF-LD-05, Light Duty - 3 MT for 45 Kgs

2. Types Of Materials In The Drain Covers

Choose the type of material in your drain cover that can provide exceptional load capacity and strength. There are various options like cast iron manhole cover, FRP manhole cover, ductile iron, and recessed manhole covers for different purposes. 

3. Proper Fit Of The Desired Manhole Cover Size And Shape

Once, you know which drain covers for heavy traffic areas are ideal. Now, you need to estimate that your chosen drain cover fits the existing drainage opening. 

You must be careful that the covers come with adequate drainage capacity. 

4. Drain Covers With Anti-Slip Features

Consider buying a manhole cover for areas with heavy traffic that has additional safety features like slip resistance and an anti-theft mechanism. 

Om Concrete Products offers covers with such features that are considered to be the best for high-traffic zones. 

What Are The Various Types Of Drainage Covers For Heavy Traffic Areas?

Cast Iron Manhole Cover

Ductile or cast iron drain covers are made with premium materials that consist of a solid iron top cover. These manhole covers can manage heavy vehicle traffic with its load-bearing capacity. 

The specifications are as follows -

Type: Cast Iron Reinforce Covers

Shape: Circular

Application/Use: Industrial and construction

Product Code: MHCF-HD-07

Product Description: Heavy Duty 25 MT

Weight: 165 Kgs.

Cast iron manhole covers in Kolkata

FRP Manhole Cover

Made with thermoset materials to withstand heavy tear and wear for heavy footprints. FRP covers are budget-friendly as they are made with polyester materials combined with fiberglass reinforcement. 

Type: FRP Concrete Covers

Shape: Square and Rectangular

Application/Use: High-traffic areas, industrial areas, and highways. 

Product Code: MHCF-EHD-03

Product Description: Extra Heavy Duty - EHD46

Weight: 310 Kgs

FRP manhole cover for heavy traffic areas

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Pre Cast Composite Manhole Covers

Pre-cast drain covers are lighter in weight than iron manhole covers, not only that they also offer resistance against corrosion for high-traffic areas. 

Type: RCC Covers and Cable Trench Covers

Shape: Rectangular and Circular

Application/Use: Industrial runways

Product Code: MHCF -HD-06

Product Description: Heavy Duty - HD20

Weight: 105 Kgs

Cable trench covers

SFRC Framed Manhole Or Drain Cover

The benefits of an SFRC drain cover in the urban infrastructure cannot be understated. It does not crack or shrink due to its heavy weight which makes it a favorable choice for high-traffic zones.

Some of the SFRC classifications are -

Type: SFRC Top Manhole Cover

Shape: Circular

Application/Use: Parking lots, service lanes, highways, industrial ports, and airports. 

Product Code: MHCF - EHD-01

Product Description: Extra Heavy Duty - EHD35

Weight: 235 Kgs.

SFRC type of manhole cover for drains

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While, various drain covers for heavy traffic areas can help in the smooth functioning of an urban area. You must select the one that also offers safety measures to minimize accidents and potential road risks. 

At Om Concrete Products, we offer customizable manhole and drain covers of all varieties. From steel fiber reinforced concrete covers to RCPC manhole covers and frames. You can also visit our website to check out more about it. 😊