A Guide: Which Is Better Cast Iron Or Ductile Iron Manhole Cover?

Manhole covers are the contact point of any underground utility, providing access and safeguarding them. While, there are a lot of varieties available in the market, we as the top manhole covers manufacturer, often face the question about which is better cast iron or ductile iron manhole cover.  So read this blog to the end to find a complete guide about the two types of manhole covers.

15 May, 2024
Which Is Better Cast Iron Or Ductile Iron Manhole Cover : Blog Poster

Durability At Its Best: Which Is Better Cast Iron Or Ductile Iron Manhole Cover?

Manhole covers, a necessary material of the urban infrastructure do not only withstand heavy weight in the public roadways. But, it also saves pedestrians from unfortunate accidents. With so many manhole cover types coming to mind like cast iron, ductile, pre-cast concrete, and FRP covers in Kolkata, choosing the right one for your needs remains a hard task. 

So, if you are searching and thinking about which is better cast iron or ductile iron manhole cover. Then, as the best paver blocks manufacturers in Kolkata, we will guide you briefly through both types of manhole covers in this blog. Read on!

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A Reliable Manhole Cover Type: Cast Iron Manhole Covers

Cast iron manhole covers a traditional beauty, have been used for centuries by melting irons and adding carbon and silicon to the molds. These iron covers are generally grey and durable to heavy wear and tear. 

Apart from that, if you are thinking which is better cast iron or ductile iron manhole cover. Then, these material covers are made hard and can be used for specific requirements like pipelines, sewer drainage cookware, and pedestrian walkways, and low-traffic sites

However, it can break and fracture over time under excess pressure. 

Cast iron manhole cover

What Are The Advantages Of Traditional Cast Iron Covers?

Here are a few points that highlight the advantages of cast iron manhole covers for your outdoor landscaping needs -


Due to the ease of availability, cast iron covers are not very expensive. Therefore, it is a cost-effective choice if you are searching for a manhole cover that can endure weight at less expense. 


Cast iron covers are a great option on a budget when it comes to maintaining the durability of a landscaping material. As these materials are resistant to corrosion, they can withstand heavy loads and provide ultimate safety for the public. 

Resistant To Harsh Climate

The recyclable benefits of cast iron manhole covers make them the best option for areas with harsh climatic conditions. They perform exceptionally well in extreme temperatures like hot and cold.

The Unsung Hero Of The Modern Choices: Ductile Iron Manhole Covers

Ductile iron manhole covers, a modern variation of cast iron go through an additional treatment that makes them more strong and flexible. The magnesium when added to the molten iron, makes it ductile. 

This means it can exhibit high strength, performance, toughness, and bend without without breaking. It is more resistant than cast iron and has characteristics that make it more corrosion resistance than manhole covers made from cast iron. 

While, they are a great choice for outdoor landscaping projects like highways, roadways, and industrial areas and are applicable for machinery and pipes. Due to their high resale value, these manhole covers are more prone to theft. 

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What Are The Advantages Of The Best Manhole Cover: Ductile Iron Covers?

Due to its ductility features, ductile iron manhole covers provide the following advantages -

Impactful Resistance And Robust Strength

Ductile iron manhole covers are the perfect solution for highways and roadways, that comprise heavy traffic. It does not bend or crack over time, providing strength like none else. 

Resistant To Corrosion

If you are looking for a manhole cover between which is better cast iron or ductile iron manhole cover. Then, ductile iron is a better solution for moist areas that are exposed to salt due to its better resistance to corrosion than cast iron. 

Prolonged Longevity

Ductile manhole covers require minimal maintenance and can withstand any climatic conditions. Hence, with proper care, your ductile iron covers can last a lifetime. 

Cast Iron Manhole Cover Vs Ductile Manhole Cover: Which One Should You Get?

Now that you know the difference between which is better cast iron or ductile iron manhole cover. It is the time for you to decide upon which one to get for your outdoor projects. 

So, here is a comparison between the two manhole covers for you -

  • Ductile iron manhole covers are stronger than cast iron. Hence, it can endure heavy weight better in high-traffic areas.
  • Ductile iron covers are flexible due to their ductile characteristics, which is why, they can bend without breaking or cracking. On the other hand, cast iron covers can crack and break over time under excessive pressure. 
  • Cast iron manhole covers are lighter in weight than ductile iron, giving ease of installation and transportation.
  • Cast iron manhole covers do not have as high scrap value as ductile iron. Thus, you get relief from theft at night.
  • While, cast iron manholes are less expensive than manhole covers made from ductile iron. But, ductile iron is more cost-effective and can stay strong for longer periods. 
  • Ductile iron again wins over cast iron for superior rust resistance even in bad climatic weather. 

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Make an informed decision by understanding the benefits and limitations of which is better cast iron or ductile iron manhole cover. While, both have their share of strengths - cast iron being more suitable for areas with less traffic, walkways, footpaths, and drainage systems. On the other hand, ductile iron covers can perform excessively well in heavy traffic areas, roads, highways, and industrial landscapes

So, contact Om Concrete Products today and get the best manhole covers suitable for your specific project requirements.