Ultimate Advantages Of FRP Manhole Covers By Om Concrete Products

Are you looking for specifications like high strength, anti-theft, and load resistant drain covers? Then, we are here to solve your doubts about the topmost advantages of FRP manhole covers. Read this blog to learn amazing facts about FRP manhole covers.

08 Nov, 2023
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Why FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) Manhole Covers Be Your Need?

Made from thermosetting polymer. FRP has become one of the leading choices for several industries and infrastructural projects. Do you know why? 🤔 FRP has several properties that make them the ultimate best. When it comes to covering drain pipes and sewer passages. It is way better when compared to traditional manhole covers. Like cast iron, ductile iron, or concrete composite manholes.

Being a reputed manhole covers manufacturer in Kolkata. We have served residential and industrial complex across various parts of India. With top-quality manholes since 2008. Thus, our FRP covers in Kolkata are the best choice for you. Are you looking for durability to withstand the toughness of time with its humongous advantages?

So, are you ready to explore the multitude of advantages of FRP manhole covers in this blog? Know how the extended properties of FRP make them visually appealing. And a cost-effective solution for you.

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Unleashing The Top 10 Advantages Of FRP Manhole Covers 

As the leading manufacturer of India's best manhole covers. Like FRP and SFRC manhole cover, our infrastructural products are made from high-quality raw materials. They are tested through various processes in our test laboratory. Thus, making them best suitable for heavy usage.

Learn how you can enjoy the benefits of FRP manhole covers with its topmost advantages here.

1) Lightweight Design And Style

FRP manhole covers are made from polyesters materials mixed with fibreglass reinforced materials. They weigh less than any traditional manhole cover like cast or ductile iron manhole covers. Thus, making it suitable for use within residential infrastructure. As well as commercial areas. It can be easily installed and transported. Giving you the advantage of not bearing any extra handling cost.

Did you know FRP manhole covers weigh only one-seventh of the actual weight of an average cast iron manhole? Well, that's a fact. 😉

2) High Corrosion Resistance

FRP manhole covers can maintain their integrity. Over the longest time with their anti-corrosion features. The compressive strength of fibre reinforced material. This makes it the best alternative for you. If you are looking for a rust-proof manhole cover for harsh environmental conditions. Like that of water treatment plants or hazardous wastewater areas.

Not just that, an FRP manhole cover is the perfect choice for coastal regions. Now that you know this, are you ready to invest in the advantages of FRP manhole covers that look as well as new for a long time?

3) Robust Durability

FRP manholes are vigorously durable to sustain heavy wear and tear in vehicular traffic. In other words, it can withstand heavy loads of heavy traffic areas, heavy vehicles, heavy trucks, highway, and city trunk roads. 

Thus, solving your problem of investing in manhole products after every interval. This thermoset material has the utmost durability to maintain its structural integrity without the problem of getting deformed or cracked and extending service life. So, what are you thinking? Order the best FRP manhole cover today for your carriageway.

4) Resistant To Electric

Suppose you have an underground sewer passage that has electric utilities. Then, getting a non-conductive manhole cover is your urgent need. Don't know why? 😥 Cast iron covers or steel covers may be sturdy or durable but when looking for non-conductive properties in a manhole. The FRP manhole covers are the best choice as they act as insulation against electricity. 

Therefore, reducing the risk of electrical shocks and accidents.

5) Protection From Theft

Another top advantages of FRP manhole covers is that it provides protection and safety from thieves. Unlike cast iron manhole covers, FRP products have a low scrap resale value. That makes it perfect for pedestrian areas, reducing the risk of thieves targeting metal products and vandalism.

Feeling relieved? Well, you can now get a good night's sleep without worrying about thieves vandalizing your FRP covers.🤭

6) Slip Resistance Properties

However, FRP covers are expensive if compared to traditional iron manholes and  GRP covers. But, if you look at its many benefits then, you would not mind investing in the advantages of FRP manhole covers. The material for manhole covers like FRP is top-grade which makes it perfect for usage in areas like swimming pools sideways, or slippery walking zones. 

Besides that, the anti-corrosion characteristic makes FRP the ultimate solution as it protects anti-slip areas without deformation.

7) Scope To Customization

Are you bored with the conventional designs and patterns of manhole covers? 😣 Worry no more, our FRP manhole covers are tailored to meet your specific meet. That gives you the option to customize the size, shape, and load-bearing capacities of the FRP manhole covers.

So, are you ready to get the best manhole cover in a rectangular, round and square shape? Contact us to tailer your specific need today! 😎

8) Ease Of Maintenance

FRP covers should be your guide for sewer passage covers if you are looking for solutions to free yourself from regular maintenance costs. This manhole cover for residential and institutional complexes requires less maintenance as compared to traditional cast iron covers.

You can easily clean the surface of the resin and reinforced plastic material without paying any extra for cleaning and maintaining the FRP covers.

9) Environment Sustainability

Investing in eco-friendly materials is the crux of the hour to maintain the integrity of our global world. FRP is the prime solution to maintain the integrity of eco-friendly construction practices. Want to know how? It is made from recyclable raw materials like glass fiber and exhibits a lower impact on the environment from its eco-friendly manufacturing process.

So, are you willing to join hands in protecting the environmental dignity with our FRP solution? 🤝

10) Budget Friendly

Sometimes, investing more in the initial period can ensure profound savings in the coming years. Confused about what we just said? 🧐 Well, FRP might cost you a little more than alternative manhole drain covers.

But if you are looking to reduce your maintenance cost and want a long life of your manhole cover. Then, nothing can beat the audacity of FRP manhole covers. Its long-term commitment saves you from spending money after every interval.

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Among the various advantages of FRP manhole covers, they also offer increased impact resistance for composite manhole covers. Wait no longer to ensure protection against high drains and sewer passages with our best FRP manhole covers.

You can also contact us on our website of Om Concrete Products to learn more about us.