Common Paver Block Installation Mistakes And Their Solutions

Are your paver blocks shifting or breaking too often after repeated maintenance and repairs? That's a sign of common paver block installation mistakes that you might have made. While, paver blocks can beautify your outdoor area with their durability and soothing appeal, the paver installation must be done properly. Just like chequered or concrete tiles in Kolkata, we will show you the common mistakes that you can avoid in the installation of your paver blocks. Read out! 

09 Mar, 2024
Common Paver Block Installation Mistakes And How To Avoid It : Blog Poster

A Guide: Paver Block Installation Mistakes And Ways To Avoid Them

A wise man once said, "If you do not know the art of doing it right, will you have time to do it again"? 

Rightly said! The truth is many of us jump into doing things that we are not experts or do not have basic ideas about. And, if you are ready to jump into the paver block installation without the right guide, then, there are chances that can cost you a lot of money and time down the drain. 

So, what is the solution to patio paver block installation mistakes? 

Well, be it grass pavers, cover blocks in Kolkata, or kerb stones, we at Om Concrete Products are the top paver blocks manufacturers in Kolkata who can help you deal with the mistakes and guide you with ways to avoid them.

Let's save you from another headache that you might encounter while installing paver blocks the next time. 😉 Follow us!

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8 Blunders And Paver Block Installation Mistakes That You Can Dodge

So, before you make another blunder with paver block installation mistakes on your next project. Take a look at this detailed list to avoid the silliest and most common mistakes. 

1. Not Choosing The Perfect Paver For Your Project

Are you using the wrong type of paver for your pavement project? 🤔

That's quite a common mistake that many do when there is a variety of options to choose from. But, finding the perfect paver that blends naturally with your surrounding pave level needs a handful of factors that you must consider. 

First, you must focus on the shape, color, size, and quality of the paver blocks you want. Once you have selected your paver type, it is time that you pay attention to the climatic condition of your pavement area. If you stay in a hot and sunny area, then, choosing light-colored pavers can be your best option as they do not absorb heat quickly. 

2. Indulging In A Paver Project Without Proper Skills

Let's not deny that we all have committed common paver installation mistakes once in our lifetime. However, if you have taken a project knowing that it can go over your head, then that's a big problem we can talk about. 😰

If you want to decorate your paver patio all by yourself, the best you can do is read the instructions and follow the tutorial before getting your hands dirty with the sand and mud. Otherwise, the safe option is to hire a professional expert who can make your paver project a hit in a little time.

3. Not Creating A Paving Slope

No matter, if you are taking up a paver installation task for creating a paver patio, or a beautiful walkway to your garden landscape. If you miss out on creating a gentle slope, this can cause you problems that require replacement and repairs frequently. 

A paving slope is much required in a landscape area that encourages good water drainage. So that, water does not accumulate on the surface of the paver edges and blocks, ruining the durability with moisture. 

4. Infilling Your Pavers With Dirt Specks

Do you want perfection in your paver installation but at the same time you are backfilling your paver base with dirt? 

Stop that immediately! 🚫 That's one of the biggest paver block installation mistakes that you are making. Since dirt can sink up to 30% when pressed and compacted, it is not a suitable base at all. 

Instead, you can try and lay crushed stones, washed sand, or a gravel base before placing your pavers on it. This will ensure that your pavers stay in compaction and do not move, preventing uneven surfaces.

5. Laying A Depthless Base

Another big mistake you can make that can deteriorate the longevity of your paver blocks is not laying a deep enough base. You must be thinking that you have already done a lot of digging but that's not right. 

You must dig a 4 to 6-inch base for improper paver block installation. Because the weight a paver patio can resist in a driveway is not similar to the weight it will withstand in a walkway. 

Therefore, adding some extra inches to your paver base can help it remain intact and durable over time.

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6. Not Using Edge Resistant

If you are repeatedly complaining about your hardscape pavers moving and shifting. Then, look at the picture of what went wrong in the first place. 

The common mistake people make while using interlocking pavers is not using edge-resistant. Like concrete or kerb stones. 🧩 Edge-resistants act as a compactor for your paver blocks, helping them to stay in one place and preventing shifting. 

7. Avoiding The Click-And-Drop Method

Do you want to know the easiest paver installation method that can keep your pavers solid without breaking for years? 🤨

Then, get introduced to the click-and-drop method. While, many people are unaware of this method, trust us, it is effective in installing paver blocks. This method helps in eliminating gaps and provides a solid surface that is slip-resistant and won't slide for a long time.

You can start by lining one corner of a paver with another one by using a hammer to interlock the paver pieces together. 

8. Not Using Paver Sealers

Have you ensured your paver base by compacting the paver bottom and digging a deeper hole for it to sit in place? 

Well, don't you think that now you should worry about protecting the glossy surface of your aesthetic paver blocks? 😌

Using paver sealers can help you to eliminate weed growth inside the paver joint. Apart from that, it adds a glossy finish to the surface of your paver that protects it from oil spills, stains, and dirt. 

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We understand that you want your paver hardscape to be beautiful, but sometimes, it is intimidating to properly install them. That is why, we thought of sharing common paver block installation mistakes that you can avoid with proper guidance. 

So, when are acing your next paver project with the right hacks and techniques?