Decoding Gully Grating Specifications: A Detailed Exploration

Gully Grating specification varies according to the client’s needs and wants. Om Concrete will be sharing the various specifications of a gully grating.

19 Jul, 2023
Decoding Gully Grating Specifications: A Detailed Exploration - blog poster

Why Are Gully Grating Specification Important?

As we all know, the specifications of a gully grating change in favor of the projects they are needed for. Each project needs a different set of gully grating specification to fit in the project. 

The use of gully gratings has specific types and is chosen as per the government rules, local policies, requirements for the work, and ultimately the proper use of the gully gratings.

Om Concrete Products have a good variety of gully gratings that can fit perfectly for any of your projects. Om Concrete Products is one of the best gully gratings manufacturer in Kolkata and you can check us out on our website.

Cement gully grating specification of material

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Decoding Of Gully Grating Specification

We shall share all the details of gully grating specifications in the below lines for you to give a better insight into the product.

Step 1: The Material In Gully Grating Specification

The materials used in the making of a gully grating differ in various forms. Some of the gully gratings are made of cast iron whereas some are made of steel and composite materials like cement. A few of the gully gratings are also made with a mixture of all the composites which fulfills the requirements of an area.

All these materials used in a gully grating have their own specifications. The iron ductile and iron cast grating are durable, strong, and have resistance to decay and rust.

Whereas the steel gully gratings are heavy and can bear heavy loads. The cement or composite material gratings are lightweight and can be used if are searching for a lightweight grating. Composite gratings are also popular for housing.

Step 2: Load Bearing Capacity

There is a small tip for you from our end, whenever you are going to buy a gully grating. Make sure about the load capacity you need in your gully grating specification so that the grating can use its ultimate capacity for the need.

At Om Concrete Products, we have gratings of all loads that can bear any kind of load you put onto it. The extra heavy-duty RCC gully gratings of 35 MT can bear even the toughest load so it is best for usage if you want something durable.

We also have Heavy Duty 20MT, Medium Duty 10MT, and Light Duty 2.5 MT of gully gratings to serve various needs.

Step 3: Dimensions: In Gully Grating Specification

The dimensions of a gully grating depend on the structure, shape, size, and type of opening cover of the grating. There are specific gully gratings of various lengths and breaths, that can fulfill the purpose of dissolving the garbage and debris through its opening into the drain.

The standard-sized gully gratings are generally used on roads, and connectors to pass the flow of debris through the drainage system.

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Step 4: Pattern And Opening Of Gully Gratings

The gully grating specification can be of different lengths, shapes, and loads but the pattern it follows has to be according to the local regulations.

The pattern of a grating can be diamond-shaped, rectangular, or square but the opening of such a grating needs to be proper so that water does not clog into the opening and can pass into the drainage systems easily. The gratings opening should be proper enough to stop the flow of waste and garbage into the drainage system so that clogging does not occur. 

The opening of the gully gratings needs proper introspection and maintenance where all the wastages are removed from the gratings mouth once it starts to settle in there for the regular flow of water.

Step 5: Skid-Proof Technology

In the gully grating specification, the gratings should be placed with a proper lookout to the slippery edges and openings. It should be made with good surface coatings and the textures need to be rough so that it does not make the grating slippery.

To maintain the safety of the public, this step is necessary to follow, or else accidents can occur if anybody slips over the gully grating.

Step 6: Surface And Coating Of Gully Grating

To make the gully gratings durable and to expand the longevity of the gully grating, you must pay attention to the type of coating or surface you are applying to the grating so that it can protect the material of the grating for a longer time.

For steel and iron gully grating, it is better to use double-coated paints or mineral pitch to coat the grating. Whereas pliable iron gratings need a proper coating of mud, sand, and black mineral pitch to enhance their look and protect the grating materials from rust and corrosion.

The coatings used in a gully grating specification, not only ensure the longevity of the product but also gives a finishing touch of gloss to the product to make it look nicer.

Step 7: Gully Grating Capacity Of Load And Support Bearing

As we have already mentioned choosing the right product for load-bearing purposes in one of the points above. We would also like to highlight the importance of choosing an exact gully grating that can support a definite load.

You must examine the traffic load, and the damages occurring on a road before choosing the load capacity of a gully grating to make it more durable and work worthy.

Choosing a heavy load-bearing grating for high-traffic roads can not only save you from reinstalling a new gully grating but can save you from wastage of your money.

Step 8: Construction Mechanism Of Gully Grating

Lastly, when you have finished following the above steps to ensure a good installment of a gully grating. You must now focus on stabilizing the gully grating with a proper mechanism to protect the product from thieves and robbers.

The gully gratings should be installed with hinges or a bolting system so that the product does not get loose or move when it has to bear heavy traffic or water load. You can also apply cement concrete to ensure the installation of the gratings in a proper way.

Gully grating to bear top load

Specific gully gratings may have other specifications based on local rules and guidelines but following the above specifications are a must to follow to ensure longevity, safety, and durability of the product.

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