A Step-by-Step Guide to Gully Grating Installation [2024]

In search of how to easily install Gully Grating? Om Concrete Products is here to help you with the steps of gully grating installation.

02 Jan, 2024
A Step-by-Step Guide to Gully Grating Installation - blog poster

Understanding Gully Gratings

Gully gratings are covers that cover the open drain and provide safety to pedestrians, animals, and everyone else on the road. Gully gratings are helpful as it not only covers the open drain for safety but also let the water get discharged to the drains through their unique cover design very easily.

Besides that, Om Concrete Products is one of the top gully gratings manufacturers in Kolkata, which believes in providing clients with quality and corrosion-resistant products.

We have a great range of gully grating products that are easy to install and low maintenance. We have gully gratings that serve the purpose of both indoor and outdoor utilization. 

If you are looking for easy gully grating installation, then we are here to help you understand the steps of the gully grating installation.

Cement gully grating

Choosing The Perfect Gully Gratings

Before we start guiding you with the process of the gully grating installation, you need to know which type of gully grating is suitable for your purpose.

Om Concrete Products have a wide range of gully grating products that are uniquely designed with high-quality material to support your need. We believe in providing our clients with products that are easy to use, rust-free, and made of top quality. 

The gully gratings that we design are made for long-term use without any installation problems and we have a wide variety of them for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

So, you first need to know the type of gully grating you will be needing before going into the installation process.

If you are looking for gully gratings for indoor purposes such as car washing zones, parking lots, or markets that are in low-lying areas, it is best to choose our ‘Medium duty - 10MT, or Light duty - 2.5MT gully gratings’.

If you need the gully gratings for outdoor purposes like paths, pavements, or roads then we would suggest you go for the ‘Extra heavy - 35 MT, or Heavy - 20MT gully gratings’ as they are perfect to drain all the water out through the coverings. 

We also customize the gully gratings as per our customer's choice.

Gully grating in fitted position

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Materials For Gully Grating Installation

You must be ready with a few materials before starting with the installation process, we will be pointing out a few materials that you will be needing during this procedure.

  • Gully Grating
  • Shovel 
  • Safety Gloves
  • Safety Glasses
  • Cement or Concrete Mix
  • Sand and filling material
  • Measuring tape
  • Spirit Level

Gully Grating Installation Process

To guide you through the entire process of easy gully grating installation, we would take you through short and simple steps by step processes that are easy to understand and apply.

Step 1: The Right Positioning

Before you start with the installation method, you must be sure about the area where you want to install the gully grating for the effective discharge of water.

Step 2: The Right Product Size

Choosing the right load bearing and size of the gully grating is equally important as durability and efficient use of the product will depend on this.

Step 3: Make The Area Clean And Start With Unearthing The Area

You must clean the drain inlet before installing the gully grating for a smooth flow of water. Start by cleaning the dirt, mud, garbage, or debris from the place so that it does not disturb the function of the gully grating.

Step 4: Excavate The Area To Fit The Gully Grating

Now, for the gully grating installation, start digging the place with a shovel to your required dept. Please keep in mind that you have to dig to a depth as the size of the gully grating for perfect fitting.

Step 5: Installing the Gully Grating Over The Drain Inlet

This is the most important step, as you must place the gully grating perfectly over the drain inlet and secure it with a spirit level.

Step 6: Secure The Place With Concrete Mix

Ensure filling the gaps around the surface of the gully grating with sand and seal the sides by making borders with cement mix to make the installation more stable.

Clean the extra materials on the site, and allow it to dry for a while so that the gully grating gets ready to endure the water flow.

Step 7: Finish The Gully Grating Installation

As a final touch, you just check the product and its fitting for the last time. It's better if you can run a test, and start by allowing some water to flow in speed over the gully grating to see the effect of the product. 

Finally, check the gully grating with a spirit level for the placement.

Gully Grating

Safety Measurements

To ensure proper installment, you must be responsible for your safety first.

We would recommend you not hurry in the entire installation procedure to avoid any accidents.

Please use safety gloves and glasses throughout the installation process. Take time to complete the process and do not hurry to get the installation done.

Maintenance Of The Gully Grating

Every product that we buy needs maintenance from time to time to work and function smoothly.

Installing the gully grating is not enough for the discharge of water for a long time. You must also check the gully grating and do the required maintenance to run the product finely.

Inspect for garbage or waste getting clogged in the gully grating in intervals and remove them so that the water can pass without any obstacles. Then, repair the damaged sides, if any from time to time so that the fitting does not get loose. Finally, check with the covering of the gully grating and repair if needed.

Installing a gully grating is a very important step and needs extra attention during the gully grating installation to ensure a smooth process. 

We hope to have provided you with the easy installation steps and other important things that you must know before installing the gully grating.

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