Expert Advice On The Maintenances Tips For Paver Block

Getting hooked by the charm and functionality of paver blocks in outdoor spacing is nothing new. Paver block in Kolkata have always been a popular choice among many, be it for a patio, driveway, or walkway. Their versatility, durability, and beauty are something that can make any outdoor space elegant. However, if you want to maintain the integrity and aesthetics of your concrete paver for a long time, then read these maintenance tips for paver block for easy cleaning and care. Read now!

01 Mar, 2024
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Keep Your Pavers Clean And Pristine: Choosing The Right Maintenance Tips For Paver Block?

Do you know that effective paver cleaning maintenance often centers on the beauty and durability of your paving space? 

Well, that's right! Whether you have a beautiful paver driveway, an aesthetic walkway made out of interlocking pavers, or a simple patio paver, understanding why you need to invest time in maintaining it is crucial. One key aspect of following the maintenance tips for paver block is ensuring the new-like appearance of the paver blocks. 

Apart from being the top manufacturer of cover blocks in Kolkata, we at Om Concrete Products are also the best paver blocks manufacturer in Kolkata. Thus, no matter which array of paver materials you have selected for your residential or commercial projects. They can be used for various paving solutions. Such as decorating exterior steps, driveways, parking lots, walkways, pool decks, lining landscaping, and outdoor garden areas. 

So, once you have invested in the aesthetical-looking paver solution, you would want to retain the durability and beauty of the materials. Isn't it? 

Read these preventive maintenance tips for paver block to make your pavers look fresh for years to come in this blog. 

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What Are The Top Maintaining And Caring For Paver Blocks Tips?

Is cracking, weed growth, or staining on your paver blocks, diminishing the visual beauty of your paving area? 

Worry not! We have the right and easy maintenance tips for paver block that you have been searching for so long. 

1. Regularly Cleaning The Surface Of The Pavers

The first step to basic paver maintenance is to clean it often. Regularly washing and sweeping the paver surface is crucial to remove the accumulation of dirt, debris, and stains. You can use a broom and clean water for regular cleaning of the dirt and grime. But, if there are tougher stains you can use a detergent cleaner and a pressure washer to remove them.

However, you should not use harsh chemicals as they can damage the look and feel of your paver blocks.

2. Controlling Weed Growth

Weed growth between paver joins can worsen the appearance and destabilize the paver base over time. That is why, using a weed killer can help you maintain the look and durability of your paver joins. It is also important that you pay attention to the joint sand and fill it with polymer resin sand to clear out the moss, grass, and weeds.

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3. Repairing Paver Cracks And Damages

Did a few of your paver blocks accidentally break due to vehicular pressure or freeze-thaw? 

Sometimes, harsh weather, heavy foot loads, and vehicular loads can form cracks, and breaks, and can damage the surface of paver blocks. Which over time, will destroy the durability and the natural look of the blocks.

However, you can fill the joints of the paver cracks with joint sands, epoxy resin injection, and heat welding process to restore the integrity of the blocks.

4. Surface Sealing

Sealing the surface of paver blocks is yet another trick that can enhance your paver patio or blocks. It can protect against oil spills, hard stains, and discoloration, giving them a natural and shiny texture. 

However, you should not over-apply sealer as it can make your pavers look slippery. You must follow the manufacturer's instructions when using sealers.

5. Avoiding Extra Loads

Though paver blocks are durable, putting them under excessive load can cause them to break, shift, and crack over time. That is why, you must avoid parking heavy-weight vehicles on the paver patio or driveway, you must also avoid keeping heavy machinery on the surface of paver blocks. 

So that, the structural integrity of the pavers can be restored for the longest time. 

6. Seasonal Inspection 

Investing your time in periodical inspections of the paver blocks can help you save a lot in the future. You must look for signs of cracks, damages, and breaking of the paver blocks from time to time. Attending and addressing the problems early can help you restore the durability of your blocks and their natural look.

7. Professional Care And Maintenance

You must be thinking that if you can regularly clean and keep your paver blocks in optimal condition, then why should you opt for professional help, right? 

Well, professional services once in a while offer robust maintenance that sometimes is not possible at home. These services include pressure washing, sealing joints between the pavers, and replacement of damaged blocks. 

Thus, maintaining block paving so that it looks as good as new paver stone or blocks.

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What Are The Things To Avoid In Maintaining Your Pavers?

Pavers are strong and durable and do not lose their integrity easily, however they are not indestructible. That is why, there are a few things that you should avoid while following the maintenance tips for paver block. 

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals as they can damage the surface and texture of your paver blocks.
  • Do not apply excessive pressure washing as it can dislocate the pavers from the joints and erode the paver surface.
  • Avoid ignoring gaps in paver blocks, as it can give space for the pavers to move and shift. That can damage your pavers.
  • Do not use heavy machinery for cleaning the paver blocks. It can cause chipping, cracking, and shifting of the blocks.
  • Do not neglect regular cleaning of the paver blocks as it can turn into costly repairs and replacements in the future. 

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Whether you have a paver patio, driveway, walkway, or an aesthetical paver garden, investing in the simple maintenance tips for paver block can help you keep them beautiful for many years. 

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