8 Top Block Paving Colours For Beautiful Driveways

Paver blocks have emerged as one of the most aesthetic paving solutions in modern households. Both for its durability and enriched colors. However, as the top paver blocks manufacturers in Kolkata, we have paving blocks that fall under two paving color categories - solid colors and mixed colors. So, check out this blog to explore block paving colours for your paved area driveway. 

16 Apr, 2024
How Block Paving Colours Can Enhance Driveways : Blog Poster

Perfect Block Paving Colours: What Choices To Make? 

While, paving blocks are one of the aesthetic block paving bricks that every homeowner chooses for their driveway, patio, or paving area. But, did you know that there is a range of colours you can choose from? 

Well, as the top manhole covers manufacturer, we have the best paver blocks and FRP covers in Kolkata. That you cannot take your eyes off. 

So, imagine, you have a paving area combined with different colors. So, do you think choosing only solid-colored paver blocks will make your driveway look the best? 

Absolutely, not! That is why, you should know about all the block paving colours and how to combine them to have a realistic and aesthetic design pattern. 

Thus, read this blog to the last to know all the vibrant block paving colours with Om Concrete Products.

Paver blocks

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Different Types Of Block Paving Colours: Which One To Choose?

1. Buff Gold Or Cream Driveway Block Paving

The gold or cream paving blocks are generally yellowish in color with tones of light cream. These blocks are great for giving a star shape to your paving areas. 

Thus, not only enhancing the paving slab pattern but the star-like shapes but also giving the driveways a natural tone. 

Cream color paver blocks

2. Grey Block Paving

Grey paving blocks are the best if you want to give a dark tone to your paving areas. Using it for paving borders or combining them with light-shaded pavers will give you a decorated look for your driveway. 

These block paving colours are also great for the paving edges, as they need minimal maintenance for their dark color. 

3. Charcoal Concrete Block Paving

Charcoal paver blocks are basically black blocks that give a paving area, a charcoal effect. While, the color of charcoal may vary depending on the lot of the paver blocks. But, it is best to mix and match this paver colors for enchanting effects.

4. Red Rockstone Paver Blocks

Red block paving colours are the most used paver colors for adding intricate detailing to an area. It adds a fresh tone of earthy mixture with the natural stones and is perfect for the ones, who like to balance between natural tones. 

Red paver blocks are largely used in driveways with long stretches, as they easily show specks of dirt and oil on the paver surfaces. Thus, making it easier for maintenance and cleaning. 

Red and brick colored paving solution

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5. Heather Mixed Colors

Look, how pretty yet simple these block paving colours look on a driveway, isn't it the same that you want for your outdoor portion as well?

Well, Heather is a combined mixed color of charcoal, red, and grey that are mixed to create a natural paving design. 

Mixed block paving colours pic

6. Red And White Colorado

Another beautiful permeable paver block with mixed color variety is the Colorado pattern in white and red. It is simply the best for any space that needs a touch of color to pop out. 

So, be it your paving patio or backyard driveway. You can always mix and try the perfect combination of red and white colors for your paver solutions.

Red and white combination paver blocks

7. Burnt Oker Cobblestones

Searching for the most demanding paver block pattern with a balanced color combination? 

Then, opt for a combination of burnt oker cobblestone colour, which is a color mixture of brown and charcoal pigments. 

These paver colors are again great for hiding oil stains and dirt particles.

Cobble stone paver blocks photo

8. Grey And Dark Colored Brindle Paver Blocks

Brindle paving blocks look almost like a fishtail attaching to give a flowy effect to the paving area. Charcoal or grey-colored paver blocks mixed with dark pavers give the best contrasting effect for driveways and patios.

Apart from that, it needs zero to no maintenance as it is best to hide tough stains on the paver surfaces. 

Paving blocks for driveways

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When, buying block paving colours for combining your driveway or walkway patio. It is best to go for colors that look visually appealing while serving the best effects. 

Though paver blocks can make any place look aesthetic and pretty. But, imagine your choice of paver block color combination before buying your intended one for better results.