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Are you willing to install honeycomb patterned grass pavers? Om Concrete Products will guide you through the benefits of grass pavers before you buy one.

02 Aug, 2023
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What Are Grass Pavers: Overview

Choosing a grass paver instead of any hard, concrete, or asphalt paver for your pavement is not only a good idea but is also eco-friendly.

Concrete grass pavers are made of solid and durable materials that can last long with low maintenance. They are made of solid surface which has hollow aesthetics in between the cover serving as a unique design of the pavers with grass in between the concave surfaces. Isn’t that an ecological yet aesthetic option to choose?

Om Concrete Products is one of the largest grass paver manufacturer in Kolkata, and we will tell you everything about grass block pavers and the benefits of grass pavers in this blog. 

Picture of a grass driveway pavers

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Why Choosing Pavers With Grass A Right Option?

You might think that any concrete material can serve your purpose of a strong and durable pavement then why choose a grass paver?

Well, there are unlimited benefits of grass pavers that we are going to disclose to you before you conclude.

Permeable pavers with grass allow rainwater to pass and fill the ground which results in decreased surface heat and is ideal for urban life. Both population and pollution are on taking rise every day, so thinking about ecological sustainability is one of the top priorities that we all should contribute to. 

Additionally to that, grass-filled pavers are a good agent of sound absorption thus leading to a peaceful and quieter environment to live in. You can use a grass paver in your walking pavement, car-parking zone, and driveway pavers.

The architectural brilliance of grass pavers is surely grabbing some attention currently and having a few of them is a fresh treat to the eyes.

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What Are The Benefits Of Grass Pavers?

There is a variety of grass pavers depending on their shape and size. Among the most famous grass paver that is used by many in various topographical projects are the drivable grass pavers and the turf block pavers.

Here are the top benefits of grass pavers and why it is becoming the desirable choice for many for their pleasing and sonorous blend of greenery and strong material.

1) Grass Pavers Are Eco Sustainable

One of the top benefits of grass pavers is that they are eco-friendly and align with the guidelines of natural conservation. It also helps in reducing carbon dioxide from nature by absorbing it within the green pavers. 

A green grass paver is the right choice to make if you want to contribute more or less to nature. Grass pavers by Om Concrete Products also help in reducing air pollution from the environment as it allows natural rainwater filtration to pass.

2) Grass Pavers Are Easy To Install

Grass driveway pavers are easy to install and you can install them in your house’s pavement, or driveway without the help of an expert. Follow these few steps:

  • Clean the area where you want to place the grass paver and see that there is no debris in that area
  • Put pebbles and a compact base to create a strong foundation for the grass pavers.
  • Next, place the grass paver safely on top of the base layer and secure it properly so that it does not come out.
  • Once you are done with that, fill the hollow pavers with quality and fertile soil and add some sowing seeds inside the paver cell for grass to grow.
  • Don’t forget to water the soil daily for lush green grasses in your lawn area.
    That’s it, you are done. Isn’t a grass paver easy to install?

3) Load-Supporting Capacity

Grass pavers are generally made of pre-cast concrete which makes them the ideal choice to have if you are looking for durable, strong, and load-bearing pavers that can stay strong.

4) Versatile Designs Of Grass Pavers

Grass pavers offer an aesthetic blend of nature in their look and style. It is not only eco-friendly but also offers a fresh and versatile treat to the eyes.

Many builders and promoters are opting for grass pavers as they are durable and can make a portion of a place look beautiful with its beautiful aesthetics. So, what are you waiting for?

5) Grass Pavers Need Low Maintenance

Grass Pavers are ideal for homes as they need almost zero maintenance, unlike asphalt pavers. 

You can maintain a grass paver at your home without the help of anyone as it is durable and does not break down into pieces over time. Regular trimming of the grass and watering is enough for the maintenance of the grass pavers.

6) Incentives For Ecological Sustainability

Projects that follow the guidelines of sustainability and prioritize greenery are rewarded by many government and local bodies in the form of tax grants and credits. 

So, isn’t it perfect to maintain greenery, peace and save some money at the same time?

7) Grass Pavers Expand Property Value

If you want to make the exteriors of your home look beautiful and natural then grass pavers are a great fit for your home. It can increase your property value with its simple yet natural aesthetics.

8) Grass Pavers Are Cost Effective

Grass pavers may initially pinch your pocket more than any traditional or asphalt pavers. But trust us, it is a great choice for long-term values as it needs low maintenance and is durable enough to stay strong for years.

9) Grass Pavers Can Earn LEED Certificate

Are you investing in a project that needs LEED certification? Then, buy grass pavers without a second thought as it can gain you some brownie points to get the LEED certification due to its ecological and sustainable nature.

10) Grass Pavers Are Good Agent For Noise Reduction

As we have mentioned earlier, grass pavers have insulating properties that make them ideal to be used on highways, driveways, public pavements, and parking lots as they can reduce noise pollution to an extent.

Image of a grass hollow paver

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Now that you know about the benefits of grass pavers, invest in one and enjoy the lifelong benefits of it.

You can also visit the website of Om Concrete Products to know more about grass pavers.